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Campuswide VOIP plan


CSUSM uses a 20 year old Pointspan telephone system that is now officially in an obsolete and unsupported status with the original manufacturer. CSUSM has vendors that will support the system as the campus moves to replace the existing system over several years. The current plan is to implement a hybrid approach with a combination of on-premise phones and “cloud” hosted telephone services.



Start and Delivery Dates

01/01/2018 to 01/01/2019


Instructional and Information Technology Services, IITS - Operations - Telephone Services

Status Update

09/23/2019: Deployed 23 - 6865s (classroom phones), 144 - 6867s (office phones), 5 - elevator lines to ELB. All running on MX-ONE system, all 6800 series are utilizing VoIP. All extentions were previously deployed in Pointspan system.

05/02/2019: IITS submitted order for MiConnect, call queuing (Automated Call Distribution) system. Planned deployment for Fall 2019.

04/15/2019: Ability to use VoIP as primary method for signal. Use the Analog Telephone Adapters (ATA) as a way to get analog over the VoIP/Ethernet technology.

04/04/2019: Phase I of the phone conversion is complete with all analog phone lines associated with life/safety services (Blue Light Public Safety Phones and Elevator phones) have been replaced. A limited deployment of 62 extensions is currently active on the MX-One.

04/04/2019: IMSC meeting * The "standard" phone model (6867i) was approved to be the phone model for all users on campus. * Removed the"executive" phone model (6940) as an option for purchase. * Approved "softphones" as an alternative option to handsets

02/08/2019: Quote for approx. $43,000 for 100 handsets. List includes: 90 standard handsets, 5 baseline handsets, 5 display handsets, +50 licenses for Soft phone use.

04/26/2018: Our limited phone system is currently functional for outbound and inbound calls. The team has enabled 4-digit dialing between the two systems and a limited number of staff in Planning, Design & Construction were switched over to the new system.

11/30/2017: Mitel MX-One system ordered and pending delivery and installation. System will provide the base platform for a staged replacement of the PointSpan system.

Strategic Alignment


6.3 CSUSM unites a digital campus, delivering timely, convenient, and personalized communications that connect the community to relevant information and resources.