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DocuSign to Adobe Sign Migration


Starting October 31st, CSUSM will shift from DocuSign to Adobe Sign for eSignatures. Our campus had to shift to a different eSignature solution because DocuSign’s cost will soon rise substantially, leaving the campus with no choice but to transition to another product. Most CSU campuses are following a similar path towards Adobe Sign. Adobe Sign is an excellent and more affordable eSignature solution that offers similar functionality as DocuSign provided through a different but recognizable delivery format. IITS is committed to ensuring the campus sees a smooth transition.



Start and Delivery Dates

07/01/2018 to 10/31/2019


Campus Wide

Status Update

12/23/2019: Continue to work with stakeholders and beginning work on new form development

12/13/2019: All forms converted and delivered to campus stakeholders for signoff.

11/21/2019: Stable version of Adobe Sign API code placed into production. Working with campus stakeholders to finalize outstanding forms.

11/05/2019: Officially transitioned from DocuSign to Adobe Sign as our eSignature platform. Most forms are now available for use.

10/31/2019: All Fac/Staff accounts have now been created and provisioned in Adobe Sign. Adobe still working on provisioning students. Forms testing and fixes continue. Transitioning web pages with DocuSign links to Adobe Sign Workflow.

10/24/2019: Working to implement API Code from Adobe to mimic DocuSign Power Form capabilities. Forms testing and fixes continue

10/14/2019: Account creation delayed. Awaiting Adobe to properly provision - WIP.

10/07/2019: A campus notification was sent on Oct. 7, announcing the transition of our electronic signature platform from DocuSign to Adobe Sign. IITS continuing to work with campus DocuSign form stakeholders to transition their forms and templates to Adobe Sign

10/01/2019: Transition Timeline • Starting 10/7—IITS schedules and works with departments on transitioning their forms • Starting 10/14—Adobe Sign available for use • Starting 10/21— DocuSign forms should no longer be sent out for eSignature

09/30/2019: Adobe Sign Informational Session for DocuSign Senders held on 9/30/2019 IT Service Catalog Entry for Adobe Sign

08/20/2019: • Initial batch of converted forms received from Adobe with initial campus review and feedback on 8/19/19 • Weekly calls between campus and Adobe started w/Adobe adjusting forms based campus feedback 8/20/19 • Migration/conversion timeline on track

08/02/2019: • CSU/Adobe Sign project kick-off and administrator training completed on 7/31/19 • Campus call with Adobe and assigned to an Adobe Customer Success Manager (CSM) on 8/1/19 • Campus DocuSign forms sent to Adobe on 8/2/19

07/08/2019: Inventory of DocuSign templates (140+) and powerforms (80+) to send to Adobe for Adobe Sign conversion

06/06/2019: A system wide contract for Adobe Sign provides a significant cost savings to the campus over DocuSign. Given the fiscal implications & product improvements, CSUSM will transition to Adobe Sign. Work will begin over the summer.

04/01/2019: There are now over 100 templates in producton or in development representing every division across the university. Since January 1, 2018, CSUSM has sent over 13,418 envelopes with over 3,000 unique signers.

03/15/2019: IITS is working on a solution to the unanticipated changes in DocuSign licensing through Internet2, which resulted in increased and potentially unsustainable licensing costs.

01/29/2019: The following templates are in Production

  • AA - EL (2) and Career Center
  • Aux - ASI (2) and CSUSM Corp (3)
  • FAS - Facilities, FSO, HR, Procurement (2) and SFS
  • Pres - Athletics (5)

08/28/2018: President Haynes and Provost Oberem have approved the new “Electronic and Digital Signatures Policy” forwarded by Teresa Macklin, with an effective date of August 23, 2018

08/15/2018: Update on Templates with PowerForm in Customer Review: AA - Extended Learning (1) AX - CSUSM Corp (4) FAS - Facilities (1), HR (1), Procurement (1), FSO (1) Other: AA - IITS Dean's Office (Ad Hoc Sending)

07/13/2018: draft version of electronic and digital signatures policy submitted

05/01/2018: Purchased DocuSign Enterprise Wide License

Strategic Alignment


2.2 CSUSM rethinks processes and services, utilizing technologies that are personalized and paperless to serve the digital world.


8.1 CSUSM values privacy and security, balancing the security of information with appropriate access and compliance.